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BAM incorporates knowledge and experiences on technologies that permit us to prototype and develop high-quality metal devices. Please find an overview on this page about our capacities and what we are able to do.

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BAM Materials

Material quality is fundamental in functional metals. Our alloys are composed of high purity elements which own excellent and reliable performance. Experience in selection and customization of beneficial alloy compositions allows us to develop materials with a superior performance in terms of functional requirements and batch size. It is of uttermost importance to design an alloy according to its final purpose, guaranteeing that it satisfies distinct specifications and considering whether it has to be applied in a conventional or novel process. Requirements on feedstock differ significantly whether the material needs to be rolled, be extruded, sintered, converted into an electrode or become a spherical powder for 3D-printing purposes.


Alloys developed by BAM own a great combination of mechanical strength and processability, therfor they can be manufactured on several different routes and shapes like powders, sheets, wires or tubes. Devices can be fabricated by conventional casting and metal working techniques as well as by novel techniques like 3d-printing or thin-film approaches.

Material Analysis and Characterization

Our team has a profound expertise in material science and characterization. We are capable to perform electron microscopy, x-ray techniques, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion tests and many more. For biological testing we rely on our highly skilled and recognized international partners to guarantee that our devices are safe and exhibit excellent performance.


Several aspects need to be considered in the design of a functional metal-based device: Costs, performance, stability over time, applicability in different working environments, intellectual property and diffusion on the market. We assess whether a solution might be feasible from both, a strategic-economical and technical point of view. We then study deeply the material properties for designing devices that can guarantee the fulfillment of requirements over the whole device life-time.


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